Office Fees & Policies


Please note: Dr. Dutson is NOT a participating provider with any insurance company. THRIVE is private pay. We do not accept insurance or bill insurance companies. We do not participate in PI, WC, Medicare, or Medicaid. This allows us to focus 100% on you and the factors that support your health and well-being. Payment is due at the time of service and we accept cash, check, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Am. Express & Discover) in addition to HSA.

Fees For Various Services: 

    1st. Visit:

      A new patient workup includes a consultation, detailed history, exam, postural evaluation, infrared thermography upper cervical scan, and digital x-rays. Dr. Dutson will perform a computer-assisted analysis of the x-rays in order to determine if there is an upper cervical misalignment. This entire visit is conducted one-on-one with Dr. Dutson. It takes approximately 90 minutes and the fee is $420.

    2nd. Visit:

      We go over the results of the exam and computerized analysis of the imaging. If indicated we perform the first upper cervical correction on this visit utilizing a laser-guided instrument that does not require any twisting or cracking of the neck. This is followed by resting in a zero gravity chair to allow the initial correction to begin to stabilize. Finally, we repeat two of the initial digital x-ray views. These two post-correction views undergo another computerized analysis in order to determine your unique response to the initial correction and allow us to fine-tune the correction to make it as precise and unique to you and your condition as possible. Our goal is to minimize the number of office visits and corrections that will be needed. This visit will take approximately 90 minutes and the fee is $370.

    3rd. Visit:

      We put the before and after upper cervical x-rays and their computerized analysis up on the big screen and together we review the changes that resulted from the initial correction. Any updates to the correction prescription that are designed to increase its effectiveness will be discussed. All questions will be answered before moving forward with another precise upper cervical correction as indicated. This visit usually takes about 45 minutes and the fee is $125

    Follow-up Visits as Clinically Indicated:

      Additional office visits take approximately 30 minutes and the fee is $70


    CareCredit is available at THRIVE

    Cancellation Policy: 24-hour notice required or charges may apply for missed appointments.