Post-Concussion Syndrome

Upper Cervical Chiropractic in San Antonio, TX

When someone suffers a concussion, most medical professionals focus on the potential head and brain injury only. But trauma strong enough to cause a concussion will almost certainly injure or misalign the vulnerable upper neck as well. These injuries and misalignments can be the primary cause of some long-term symptoms associated with post-concussion syndrome.


If you have not fully recovered from your concussion after 7 to 10 days, you may have post-concussion syndrome. Symptoms can include headaches, neck discomfort, balance issues or vertigo, memory or concentration difficulties, fatigue, and fainting spells. You might feel so exhausted that you find work, family life, and even household chores overly taxing.


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The head trauma that causes a concussion is likely to injure or misalign the upper two bones of the neck, known as the upper cervical spine. These injuries and misalignments can inflame both the neck and brain. This inflammation can be the primary cause of some of your post-concussion syndrome symptoms.

Unfortunately, most medical professionals often overlook the neck as a critical factor. Because the symptoms could result from damage to the brain, neck, or both, it is often difficult to determine the cause definitively. That’s why chiropractors play such an important role on the post-concussion healthcare team.



With no twisting, cracking, or popping of the neck, upper cervical chiropractic care in San Antonio, TX corrects the spinal misalignments that can be the inflammation’s root cause. The treatments can provide lasting relief from many of your post-concussion symptoms using concepts from math, physics, and engineering to determine the correction you need. We perform before and after correction tests to ensure you achieved the best possible results.

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