Our Unique Approach to Upper Cervical Care

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What is Upper Cervical Care?

Care at the CranioCervical Junction seeks to help you maintain a healthy body by reducing spinal cord irritation, which can adversely affect the brain and nervous system. A misaligned spine is the major culprit of this type of irritation. The potential result is a wide variety of issues and unpleasant symptoms such as postural distortions, head and neck pain, and dizziness.

Upper Cervical care deals specifically with the top of the spine, which is the most susceptible to this type of brain and cord issue. Due to this area’s connection to the brainstem, brain to body communication can be disrupted by a misalignment, causing even more troublesome—and far-reaching—problems. Not only can you experience headaches, migraines, facial pain, vertigo, seizures, but you can even be at risk of immune compromise and general health deterioration.

The Solution—Upper Cervical Care at THRIVE in San Antonio, TX

THRIVE Head & Spinal Care focuses on  the upper cervical region for all ages—infants through adults. Our new patients are often impressed by how detailed, precise, and gentle the care is. There’s no popping or twisting of the neck, and yet, an upper cervical correction can have a positive impact on the entire spine and nervous system. This approach to care has even been shown to potentially improve alterations in cerebral spinal fluid flow between the brain and spinal cord, in addition to improving blood flow to and from the brain. This has the effect of allowing the brain and then the body to rebalance and normalize. Thus allowing the natural healing process to take place.

Step 1—Evaluation

Before any treatment is administered, we start by evaluating your posture, spine, and nervous system function using computerized thermography and digital x-rays. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can get precise measurements that will help us determine if care is indicated and how to develop an effective treatment plan. This will be performed on your first visit, and the information gathered will be analyzed before your next visit. Click to enlarge

Correcting the Problem

Once your body’s state has been assessed, we can present you with our recommendation for treatment. As mentioned before, the adjustment does not involve any popping or twisting. We actually use sophisticated, laser-guided equipment that will apply gentle pressure to the right location in order to correctly realign your spine in order to reduce stress to your nervous system and brain.

Results & Follow-up

We’ll schedule a follow-up checkup in 2 to 3 days after your correction to see how your body responded and to come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

The goal of a successful correction is to reduce brain and nerve stress.  This sets the stage for your body to have the opportunity to be better able to heal itself and maintain balance within all of its systems.

Healthcare Team

One of the keys to creating an effective healthcare team is quality and timely communication between the team. Knowing this, we are here to share our objective findings and treatment plan with your doctor, dentist, physical or occupational therapist, and any other healthcare provider as indicated and needed to ensure you get the quality care you need and deserve.

And don’t forget your own part in this team effort! Stress management, diet, exercise, proper rest, and a positive mental attitude are also important! Click to enlarge


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