Gentle & Precise Upper Cervical Care

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The upper cervical area, also known as the Craniocervical Junction (Head-Neck Junction) is where the base of the brain called the brainstem and spinal cord meet. This very important area controls our automatic functions like sleep, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, balance and equilibrium, posture, immune function and the list goes on. In addition, almost all of the nerves that go out to our body that allow us to feel, move and function pass through this sensitive area.

This is also why correcting a problem in this very important area has the potential to affect many secondary conditions throughout the entire body. Upper cervical care is designed to re-align this key area of your spine without any popping, cracking or twisting of the neck. Measurements are taken following each and every spinal correction to ensure that the repositioning of the vertebra is in fact restoring proper balance to the nervous system and body as expected.

You see, when the brain and body are able to communicate and work together, the stage is set for our body to have the greatest potential to function properly, resist disease, heal and be healthy. Having a healthy, normal functioning nervous system gives us the best opportunity to not just survive…but THRIVE!


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