Author: Greg Dutson, DC

Upper Cervical Care in San Antonio, TX Can Help You Tap into Your Superpowers!

A Superhero for Upper Cervical in San Antonio TX

I’m sure you’re asking, “What’s the connection between the upper cervical spine and superpowers?” Well, let me start from the beginning and explain. In case you haven’t noticed, the hottest movies in the theaters the past few years have often been about superheroeswith specialpowers saving lives. Based upon movie ticket sales, it appears that many […]

Concussions aren’t just CRACKED eggs!

A concussion is much more serious than just cracking an egg on your head. Smashing cascarones on your head goes hand in hand with Fiesta celebrations. But not all impacts to the head are without serious consequences. Concussions are no laughing matter. They can rob people of their ability to work, play and enjoy life. The CDC […]

Why Do I Get Sick and You Don’t?

Ever wondered WHY two people can be living in the same house or working in the same office and one gets sick and the other doesn’t? Why can you have a classroom full of kids and some seem to catch every cold or flu bug going through town while others in the same classroom never […]


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